UDI RC U818A Quadcopter Review



Quick Info

  • About 13 inches wide
Flight Time
  • About 9 to 10 minutes
  • 1280px by 960px stills
  • A little blurry (see sample below)
  • Decent video, but not great (see sample below)
  • 500mAh lithium polymer battery
  • About 45 minutes recharge time
Where to Buy

My Review

What I liked

Easy to Fly

I was surprised how easy this was to fly. It is not as fast and responsive as some of the other drones I have flown, which is mostly a good thing if you are still learning to fly one. I still crashed quite a few times getting used to the controls, though.

Camera is easy to use

The camera quality isn't great, but it was pretty easy to use. One well-marked button takes still shots, and one well-marked button takes video.

Selfie Taken by UDI U818A
Selfie taken by U818A. It's pretty blurry. (Click image to see full sized.)

Easy to tell front from back

Because of the shape of the propeller gaurd, the bright led in front, and the fact that the front blades are a different color than the back blades, it is easy to tell where the front of the drone is.


I got mine for about $50 on amazon.com. Not bad at all.

What I didn't like

Flying in a breeze

This is a pretty light-weight drone, and the propeller guards act like a sail. It was a little difficult controlling it in a light breeze.


Like the U839, also made by UDI, controlling the trim on this was a little difficult.

Camera Quality

You shouldn't expect much in camera quality for a $50 drone. Stills were very blurry. Video was better, but not great, and had no sound.

Altitude loss

My least favorite thing about this drone was altitude loss. Some times during flips the drone would lose altitude and wouldn't recover until it reached the ground, even if you had it at full throttle.


I did like this quadcopter, and it is a pretty good value for the price. I did like the Syma X5C a little better, and it sells for a simlar price.