Syma X5C Quadcopter Review


Syma X5C Syma X5C Syma X5C Syma X5C Syma X5C Syma X5C

Quick Info

  • About 12 1/2 inches wide, when propeller gaurds are installed
Flight Time
  • About 6 to 10 minutes
  • You can remove the prop guards and camera to get longer flight time
  • 2560px by 1440px stills
  • A little blurry, but not as bad as other quadcopters.(see sample below)
  • Decent video, but not great (see sample below)
  • 500mAh lithium polymer battery
  • About 100 minutes recharge time
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My Review

What I liked

Fun to Fly

This is my favorite so far. It wasn't too hard to figure out the controls. I had a couple of crashes, and got stuck in a tree once (see video below), but learning to fly this drone was pretty easy. I didn't have the trim adjustment problems that I experienced on some of the other drones.


One thing I didn't like about the UDI U818A was the altitude drops. On the U818A, if you start to lose altitude, you can't recover until the drone hits the ground.

This drone was different. I could cut the throttle, and then recover. The controls were more responsive than some of the other quadcopters I have flown.


I've reviewed four drones so far. Three had cameras. This drone is the cheapest of those three, but it has the best camera. You aren't going to make cinematic movies with this thing, but the camera isn't that bad. The selfie I took was a little blurry, but still better than either of the other drones I've played with so far.

Selfie taken by Syma X5C
Selfie taken by X5C. It's a little blurry, but much better than the U818A. (Click image to see full sized.)


I liked this drone better than others I purchased at a higher price. This is a pretty awesome product for under $40.

What I didn't like

Charging time

100 minutes is a long time to wait between flights. Not a bad a idea to get some spare batteries.

Couldn't tell front from back

This quadcopter has orange and green led lights underneath, to help you know where the front and back are. Too bad I'm colorblind.

Even if you aren't colorblind, it's hard to see those led lights when the drone is at any significant altitude. I think I might spraypaint half of the drone to make it easier for me to see where the front is.

Not easy to figure out camera

Camera usage on this thing is not user intuitive. The instructions aren't that easy to follow either.

Properler noise on video

When you do figure out how to take videos, make sure you turn down the volume when you watch them. All you hear is propeller noise.

Still haven't figured out how to do flips

I know this thing does flips. I haven't figured them out yet. I think I need to remove the camera.

[Edit]: A few days after publishing this I finally figured out how to do flips. Unlike what some other people have written, the camera doesn't need to be removed to do flips. In fact, video can even be rolling while flips are being done.

Getting the camera lost in a tree

Because it's difficult to tell the difference between front and back, sometimes this quadcopter goes in directions you don't expect it to. One time I lost control, and in my attempt at not losing it on top of a roof, I lost it in a tree. That was still better than the busy street next to the tree. I did get it down eventually, but I'd rather not climb any more oak trees any time soon.

In the video above, the last minute is me losing the quadcopter in the tree.


Out of the four drones I've reviewed so far, this one is my favorite. It has the best camera, is easy to fly, and is the sturdiest one so far.