Why Your Drone Can't Fly Near Airports Anymore

DJI, a Chinese company best known for its popular Phantom quadcopter drone, is looking to use technology to curtail this growing problem. On Tuesday, it introduced a new feature to automatically prevent its drones from entering sensitive airspace like the area around prisons, power plants, and yes, airports.

"The drone will, by default, not fly into or take off in locations that raise safety or security concerns," DJI said in a statement.

DJI's system works using the quadcopter's built-in GPS to compare its location against a map of no-fly zones, a process called geofencing. If it finds that it's in or near a restricted area, DJI's system will warn the user through its app and will refuse to enter the restricted airspace.

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Photo of DJI Phantom 3 Quadcopter
DJI Phamtom 3 Quadcopter in Flight. Photo Credit: fortune.com/DJI